Idaho HOSA Bylaws

Section 1.1   Name

1.1.1   The name of this organization shall be Idaho HOSA-Future Health Professionals.

Section 2.1 – Vision

2.1.1  Idaho HOSA empowers students to become leaders in the healthcare community.

Section 2.2 – Purpose

2.2.1  The primary purpose of HOSA is to serve the needs of its members and strengthen the health science education and HOSA partnership in the following ways:

  • Foster programs and activities, which will develop:
    • Physical, mental and social well-being of the individual.
    • Leadership, character and citizenship.
    • Ethical practices and respect for the dignity of work.
  • Foster self-actualization of each member, which contributes to meeting the individual’s psychological, social and economic needs.
  • Build the confidence of students in themselves and their work by providing opportunities to assume responsibilities and by developing personal and occupational competencies and social skills that lead to realistic choices of careers and successful employment in the health care field.
  • Promote inter-organizational relationships with professional groups, businesses, industries and other organizations.
  • Recognize individual achievement in scholarship, occupational skills or services rendered, by providing recognition and awards.
  • Promote involvement in current health care issues, environmental concerns, and survival needs of the community, the nation, and the world.
  • Establish and maintain state associations in good standing with HOSA.

Section 3.1 – Membership Composition

3.1.1   HOSA is an international organization of, by and for students who (1) are or were enrolled in secondary, postsecondary/collegiate health professions classes, and/or (2) are interested, planning to pursue or pursuing a career in the health professions.

3.1.2   Members shall be students who are or have been enrolled in health professions classes, and/or are interested, planning to pursue or pursuing a career in the health professions, and persons associated with, participating in, or supporting health professions in a professional capacity.

Section 3.2 – Division Composition

3.2.1   Idaho HOSA is a State Association chartered by the Board of Directors of HOSA, Inc. Idaho HOSA is composed of the following divisions: Secondary, Postsecondary/Collegiate, Alumni and Professional.

3.2.2   The Secondary Division shall be composed of secondary students who are or have been enrolled in a health professions or an organized health career awareness program, or are interested, planning to pursue, or pursuing a career in the health professions.

3.2.3   The Postsecondary/Collegiate Division shall be composed of students who are not enrolled in high school, have received a high school diploma and/or are pursuing GED, and are enrolled in a healthcare related field at the undergraduate level, or are interested or planning to pursue a career in the health professions.

3.2.4   The Alumni Division shall be composed of persons who have been a member of HOSA. Alumni Division members shall not pay affiliation fees, alumni members may not vote, make motions, hold office or compete in events.

3.2.5   The Professional Division shall be composed of persons who are associated with or participating in health professions education in professional capacities. These may include health professionals, alumni, or other adult members of the community who wish to assist and support the HOSA program and its growth and development. Professional Division members shall pay affiliation fees, may not vote, make motions, hold office or compete in events.

Section 3.3 – Members-at-Large

3.3.1   Members-at-large shall be those persons otherwise qualified for membership where active HOSA chapters are not yet established. Members-at-large shall affiliate directly with Idaho State Associations, or by geographic region as determined by the CTSO Manager/State Advosor, or where no active state association is established directly with International HOSA. Members-at-large are not eligible to serve as voting delegates to the National Conference or seek elected office, but are allowed to be a state voting delegate or seek a state officer position.

Section 3.4 – Honorary Members

3.4.1   Honorary members shall be persons who have made significant contributions to the development of HOSA and/or have rendered outstanding service to the organization. Honorary membership may be conferred for life by a three-fourths vote of the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors. Honorary members shall have none of the obligations and all of the privileges of membership except voting, making motions, holding office and competing in events.

Section 3.5 – Affiliation Fees

3.5.1   Annual affiliation fees from state associations shall be specified in policies and procedures and must be approved by Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors, and the delegate assembly. Additional affiliation fees may be assessed by local chapters. Affiliation fees for fall semester students must be received by National HOSA on or before January 1 of the membership year. Affiliation fees for students who enroll after January 1 must be received by National HOSA on or before March 1 of that same year. Affiliation fees for postsecondary/collegiate students who enroll after January 1 must be received by National HOSA on or before March 1 of that same year. These students will be members for twelve (12) months. The membership year concludes on December 31 for these students. Students who do not affiliate by the appropriate date shall be ineligible to participate in the State Leadership Conference or seek State Office positions.

Section 3.6 – Lifetime Membership

3.6.1   Lifetime membership shall be available for persons who are or have been active members and who are or have participated in HOSA in a professional capacity. Lifetime membership affiliation fees shall be $150. Lifetime members may not vote, make motions or hold office by virtue of this membership alone. Lifetime members will have all privileges accorded if serving in other roles for Idaho HOSA: e.g. Delegate Assembly, Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.

Section 4.1 – State Office Positions

4.1.1   All State Officers will be elected by the Voting Delegates (refer to ARTICLE V – Voting and Electing State Officers).

4.1.2   Elected Offices Will Include: President, President-elect, four (4) Secondary Vice Presidents, one (1) Postsecondary Vice President, for a total of seven (7) representing the State for the combined Secondary and Postsecondary/Collegiate Divisions at the Idaho HOSA State Leadership Conference.

4.1.3   A State Officer Coordinator is appointed by the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors as needed.

Section 4.2 – Duties of State Officers

4.2.1   The duties of the various Officers shall be such as are specified in these Bylaws and in the parliamentary authority adopted by the organization.

4.2.1   Duties Descriptions:

  • HOSA Officers shall make themselves available, as necessary, in promoting the general welfare of Idaho HOSA.
  • The Executive Council shall be composed of the State Officers of Idaho HOSA, Inc., CTSO Manager and State Advisor.
  • The President shall preside at the Idaho HOSA State Leadership Conference and all HOSA officer meetings, make committee appointments (unless otherwise provided) and develop an Annual Program of Work, with the assistance of the Executive Council and the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors. The President shall serve on the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors and Executive Council.
  • The President-elect shall serve HOSA in any capacity, as directed by the President, and shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. The President-elect shall succeed the President at the end of each term of office. The President-elect shall serve on the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors and Executive Council.
  • One Vice-President shall serve as a member of the Interview Committee and in any other capacity as directed by the President. One Vice President shall be designated as Secretary by the Executive Council to record the minutes of all Division or Officer  meetings. They shall file such minutes and all other records and reports with the Idaho HOSA CTSO Manager/State Advosor within seven days following their presentation, and in any other capacity  as directed by the President.
  • One Vice President shall be designated as the Historian by the Executive Council to keep records and other materials of historic importance to the Division. They will compile these materials, add them to the Idaho HOSA website or contribute to social media, prepare a narrative account of HOSA activities during his/her term of office, and be responsible for publication, correspondence and public relations between the member associations and in any other capacity as directed by the President.
  • One Secondary and the Postsecondary Vice President shall be designated Communications Liaisons for their respective division, and in any other capacity as directed by the President.
  • The President and the President-elect shall participate on Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors committees, carry out any other responsibilities as appointed or requested by the Chairperson of the Board, and report action to the HOSA Executive Council and membership.
Section 4.3 – State Officer Candidates

4.3.1   Requirements for Candidates and the Application Process:

  • Officer candidates must be current members of HOSA in good standing.
  • Candidates for each office shall submit required information to the CTSO Manager prior to the annual State Leadership Conference by a date designated by the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.
  • The required application information shall include:
    • A verified statement of academic performance for the current school year.
    • A statement of support with the signature of the school principal, Career and Technical Director or Dean; the signature of the local chapter Advisor, and the signature of parent or guardian if the candidate is a secondary member.
  • A state chapter shall submit no more than two applications per office.
Section 4.4 – State Officer Interviews, Election Terms, and Office Vacancies

4.4.1   An Interview Committee composed of no less than one member of the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors, President, President-elect, and one Industry partner. The interviewing committee shall be appointed by the CTSO Manager/State Advisor.

4.4.2   Student Officers, except the President, shall be elected by ballot at the annual State Leadership Conference to serve one year and until their successors are selected. The President-elect shall succeed to the office of President for one year. In the event a majority vote is not secured by any candidate, a run-off shall begin immediately during the Business Session. Except for the President-elect succeeding to the Presidency, State Officers may seek re-election to the same or any other office within the same division for one year.

4.4.3   In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the President-elect shall succeed to that office. In consultation with the Executive Council, other vacancies in state offices may be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors from the list of nominees for that office. When no previous candidate for that office is available, the Board may select another qualified candidate.

Section 5.1 – Voting Rules and Procedures

5.1.1   A State Leadership Conference shall be held each year with the time and place to be designated by the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.

5.1.2   Local chapters of Idaho HOSA shall exercise their membership voting privileges through Voting Delegates. Two Voting Delegates shall be allowed per each chapter.

5.1.3   One alternate shall be selected for each Voting Delegate prior to State Conference.

Section 5.2 – Election Supervisors

5.2.1   The CTSO Manager/State Advisor, in advance of each State Leadership Conference, shall appoint Election Supervisors. The Election Supervisor Committee shall be composed of a state secondary and a state postsecondary/collegiate student member, and a secondary and postsecondary/collegiate Advisor.

5.2.2   The Election Supervisors shall review and approve the list of Delegates compiled by the CTSO Manager/State Advisor, supervise registration of Delegates, distribute ballots, tally votes, and give results to CTSO Manager and/or State Advisor.

Section 6.1 – Parliamentary Procedure

6.1.1   The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern Idaho HOSA, Inc. in all cases in which they are applicable and consistent with the Bylaws.

Section 7.1 – Supervision and Oversight of Financial Records

7.1.1   The State Program Quality Manager for Health Professions/HOSA CTSO Manager and State Advisor shall be responsible for the supervision of the State Association.

7.1.2   Advisors to assist HOSA’s growth and development, may be appointed as deemed necessary by the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.

7.1.3   The Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors will approve the annual state budget. HOSA will provide financial records to chapters per request.

Section 8.1 – Board Positions and Terms of Office

8.1.1   Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors will include a Chairperson, Chair-elect, Secretary, Financial Officer or Treasurer and Regional Representatives. Recruitment of Board members will be at the discretion of the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors, CTSO Manager, and the State Advisor.

8.1.2   Terms of Office:

  • Chairperson to serve a three-year term.
  • Chair-elect to serve a four-year term.
  • Secretary to serve a three-year term.
  • Treasurer to serve a three-year term.
  • Board members, other persons from education and industry representing a diverse spectrum of stakeholders committed to the mission of HOSA will serve a will serve a minimum of two years.
  • The CTSO Manager and State Advisor shall be perpetual staff members of the Board, as long as he/she holds such appointment by Idaho Career & Technical Education. The CTSO Manager and State Advisor are non-voting members.

8.1.3   Executive Board members shall be nominated by the Chairperson, CTSO Manager, State Advisor, and voted to the Board by a majority vote of the current members. General members may be appointed by any member of the Board.

Section 8.2 – HOSA Board Member Duties

8.2.1   The Chairperson shall:

  • Serve as Chairperson of the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors, with all legal responsibilities assigned to a not for profit corporation. The chairperson will be engaged and collaborative ensuring a good working relationship between Idaho HOSA and the Idaho Career & Technical Education.
  • Preside overall meetings of the Board and as well as serve in ex-officio status on all other committees. It is the Chairperson’s responsibility to set the tone for all members.
  • Preside over the annual meeting at the State Leadership Conference and any conference calls or other meetings concerning the board.
  • Serve as special counsel for the Board as the occasion may require.
  • Represent the association as deemed necessary.
  • Work with CTSO Manager and State Advisor to oversee governance and policy setting with the focus on mission, direction and priorities. Trust, respect and a willingness to rely on each other’s strengths are critical, along with a common understanding of the organization’s goals and the strategies needed to get there.

8.2.2   The Chair-elect shall:

  • Preside over meetings and serve in the roll as a chair in the absence of the Chairperson.
  • The Chair-elect shall serve Idaho HOSA, Inc. in any capacity as directed by the Chairperson and shall assume the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence.
  • The Chair-elect shall succeed the Chairperson at the end of each term of office (two years).

8.2.3   The Secretary shall:

  • Attend all Board and Executive Committee meetings, record all votes and the proceedings of the meetings as to provide a permanent record of the business.
  • A copy of the minutes will be distributed to the Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors and be available to anyone upon request.

8.2.4   The Treasurer shall:

  • Serve as financial advisor.
  • Designate responsibility for and oversee financial transactions in accordance with approved budget.
  • Be responsible to see that an audit is made available to such persons/groups as directed by the Board.
  • Request a statement of accounts for the annual Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board meeting.
Section 8.3 – Board Meetings

8.3.1   Board meetings will be held at a minimum of two times per fiscal year either in person or by electronic means.

8.3.2   Meetings may include: face-to-face meetings, conference calls, teleconferences, or video conferences.

8.3.3   Meeting minutes shall be recorded for all board meetings. Meeting minutes shall be submitted to the next succeeding meeting of the Board for approval; however, failure to submit or receive the minutes shall not invalidate any action taken or decision made during such meeting.

8.3.4   A Consent Agenda shall contain items that require Board action but do not need discussion among the Board members before a vote.

8.3.5   Board discussions can occur via email.

Section 9.1 – Executive Board Composition and Duties

9.1.1   The Executive Board shall be composed of the Idaho HOSA, Inc. President; President-elect; Board Chairperson; Board Chair-elect; Board Secretary; Board Treasurer; regional representatives; CTSO Manager and State Advisor.

9.1.2   The Executive Board shall be responsible for assisting in planning and conducting the State Leadership Conference program and business sessions, as well as assisting in the annual HOSA Program of Work.

Section 9.2 – Executive Board Meetings

9.2.1   The Executive Board shall meet at least two times per year. They shall meet immediately preceding the State Leadership Conference.

9.2.2   Other meetings shall be held either in person, by telephone conference call, video conference, and at the discretion of the CTSO Manager, State Advisor, and State President, or by a majority of the Executive Board.

Section 9.3 – Quorum and Voting

9.3.1   Executive Board meetings: At all meetings of the Executive Board, it shall take no less than four of the existing members to constitute a quorum to conduct business.

9.3.2   Board Meetings: Any general matter, excepting amendments to these Bylaws, may be adopted by vote of a majority present (fifty percent plus one) at a meeting.

9.3.3   Voting by the Board can occur via email.

Section 10.1 Emblem, Usage, and Colors

10.1.1   The emblem of HOSA is a circular design with a triangle inside containing the symbolic figure of a person and hands. The design is described and protected from infringement by trademark registration numbers as filed with the United States Patent Office.

10.1.2   The use of this emblem will be governed through each chartered State Association under policy established by the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.

10.1.3   The colors of HOSA are navy blue, maroon and white.

Section 10.2 – Mission and Motto

10.2.1   The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students, therefore, helping the student meet the needs of the health care community.

10.2.2   The HOSA motto is “The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow”.

10.2.3   The HOSA slogan is “Health Science and HOSA: A Healthy Partnership”.

10.2.4   The HOSA tagline is “HOSA—Future Health Professionals.

Section 11.1 – Amendment Procedure

11.1.1   The Idaho HOSA, Inc. Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at any State Leadership Conference, provided the amendment has been proposed by a CTSO Manager, State Advisor, and a local chapter, the Executive Council or Idaho HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.

11.1.2   Proposed amendments must be distributed to local chapters, in writing, at least thirty (30) days before the State Leadership Conference.

Section 12.1 – Protection of Rights and Human Subjects

12.1.1   HOSA-Future Health Professionals opposes sexual harassment of any kind. Sexual harassment of students is a real and serious problem in education at all levels. It can affect any student, regardless of sex, race, or age. Sexual harassment can threaten a student’s physical or emotional well-being, influence how well a student does in school, and make it difficult for a student to achieve his or her career goals. Moreover, sexual harassment is illegal – Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) prohibits sex discrimination, including sexual harassment.

12.1.2   Title IX protects students from unlawful sexual harassment in all school programs or activities, whether they take place in the facilities of the school, on a school bus, at a class or training program sponsored by the school at another location, or elsewhere. Title IX protects both male and female students from sexual harassment, regardless of who the harasser is.

12.1.3   HOSA activities are integral to local school instructional programs in professional and technical education and are a responsibility of the state. Therefore, the sexual harassment policies and procedures in effect in a student’s home school or schools last attended are the means by which sexual harassment issues at HOSA events will be addressed. Of course,  HOSA always reserves the right to respond to any disciplinary situation,  as they deem appropriate and independent of any action by a school.

12.1.4   If a student feels they have been sexually harassed while participating in an HOSA event or activity, they are strongly encouraged to report the incident immediately to: 1) the Advisor responsible for HOSA activities; 2) the student’s home school principal; or 3) the CTSO Manager, State Advisor of HOSA. Harassment issues reported to the CTSO Manager, State Advisor will be referred to the student’s Advisor and home school administrator(s).