HOSA State Officers

Idaho HOSA State Officers Attend the Joint Student Leadership Conference

HOSA State OfficersOver this last week, the Idaho HOSA State Officers attended the Joint Student Leadership (JSL) Conference in McCall, Idaho alongside the other Idaho Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs).

The JSL Conference was held this year at the Pilgrim Cove Camp located off the Payette River. There, State Officers learn communication and public speaking skills, attend leadership workshops, and plan for future HOSA conferences such as BASIC (Building and Achieving Success in Idaho Chapters) and the upcoming State Leadership Conference. Throughout the week, our officers got the chance to learn about the DISC behavioral assessment, and how it can help teams improve their leadership styles and communication with each other.

The DISC assessment is a circle consisting of four different sections containing four personality types. “D” in the top left stands for Dominant; results-oriented, driving, and competitive. “I” in the top right stands for Influence; persuasive, inspiring, optimistic. “C” in the bottom left stands for Cautious; analytical, precise, and reserved. Finally, “S” in the bottom right stands for Supportive; patient, tactful, and humble. It is possible to be one or a combination of multiple within the circle. When it comes to the State Officers, Jentri is an S, Alexis is a D/I, Emily is a C/D, Katie is a C, Sophia is an I/D, Aiden is an I, and Noor is a D/I.

By taking the DISC assessment, the HOSA State Officers were better able to understand and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses to become a strong and bonded team. After spending a week learning, planning, having fun, and getting to know other State Officers, they ended their time at JSL giving a drafted presentation to the other CTSOs as a sneak peek for what they will present to Idaho HOSA chapters at the BASIC Conferences this upcoming October. They are excited for the year ahead and excited to see Idaho HOSA at the International Leadership Conference in the coming weeks.

Click here to take the DISC assessment and see what your personality type is!

Idaho HOSA and DECA State Officers