Meet Your 2020-2021 Idaho HOSA State Officer Team!

20-21 HOSA Group Photo no Masks

The Idaho HOSA State Officers are elected each year by a voting delegate consisting of 2 student representatives from each affiliated Idaho HOSA chapter, in addition to an Interview Committee. Each officer candidate must give a 2-3 minute speech, then answer questions pertaining to HOSA during the delegate session held each year at the HOSA State Leadership Conference.

Olivia Swainston is a freshman attending Idaho State University. Five years into HOSA, she is passionate to serve her members and build recognition for the organization across the state.

She is currently working towards an honors degree in Biomedical Sciences and hopes to attend the University of Washington to pursue her dreams of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

She encourages all HOSA members to integrate themselves into their schools and community in order to build their leadership and networking skills!

Questions? Email Olivia at:

Olivia Swainston

Olivia Swainston


Madison Healy

Madison Healy

President Elect

Madison (Maddie) Healy is a Junior at Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School, and has been a HOSA member for two years. After high school, Maddie wants to attend the United States Naval Academy and major in political science!

She has participated in CERT, Parliamentary Procedure, and Human Growth & Development at HOSA State Conference, and has competed in Parliamentary Procedure at HOSA International Conference both years she has been a HOSA member. During her time as a state officer, Maddie would like to come up with innovative new ways to encourage and continue growing membership, despite the hardships that may occur this year.

"Don't be afraid to do certain events because your friends aren't or because you might not know your teammates yet. Really lean into an event that you are passionate about, and give it 100%!"

Questions? Email Madison at:

Abegayle (Abbey) Black is a Senior at Skyview High School, and has been a HOSA member for three years. After high school, Abbey plans to attend college as a student athlete playing soccer while majoring in Biology. She wants to continue her education  by attending graduate school to obtain her goal of becoming a marine biologist!

She has participated in Pathophysiology and Health Science Education at HOSA State Conference, and has competed in Health Science Education at HOSA International Conference in 2019 and 2020! During her time as a state officer, Abbey would like to promote awareness of HOSA by doing her best to inform prospective members and see an increase in overall membership.

"I would like to encourage students to get involved and push themselves to do the best of their ability because of the opportunities that HOSA provides!"

Questions? Email Abegayle at:

Abbey Black

Abegayle Black

Region Vice President

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Postsecondary Vice President

Michael Wilson is a Freshman at the College of Idaho, and has been a HOSA member for five years! After HOSA, Michael wants to become a lifelong member of the NAACP, graduate from college, become an ER Physician, and become fluent in Spanish.

He has competed in Medical Math, Public Service Announcement, Medical Law and Ethics, HOSA Bowl, Emergency Medical Technician, and Forensic Science at HOSA State Conference, and has competed in HOSA Bowl and Forensic Science at HOSA International Conference. During his term as a state officer, Michael wants to increase overall membership for postsecondary members and start a HOSA chapter at the College of Idaho!

"It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from because with enough determination and will, you can accomplish whatever you dream."

Questions? Email Michael at:

Past State Officers

2019 - 2020 HOSA State Officers

  • Olivia Swainston - President
  • Addison Burkett - Region 1 & 2 Vice President
  • Autumn Morgan - Region 3 Vice President
  • Daniela Quinatoa - Region 4 Vice President
  • Halle Torgerson - Region 5 & 6 Vice President
  • Cole Lancaster - Postsecondary Vice President

2018 - 2019 HOSA State Officers

  • Levi Zanders - President
  • Samantha Quantie - President-Elect
  • Cole Lancaster - Region 1 & 2 Vice President
  • Isabel Juarez - Region 3 Vice President
  • Hisham Salhi - Region 4 Vice President
  • Allison Kurtin - Region 5 & 6 Vice President
  • Jack Sherlock - Postsecondary Vice President

2017 - 2018 HOSA State Officers

  • Ara Omotowa - President
  • Levi Zanders - President-Elect
  • Lacey Kludt - Region 1 & 2 Vice President
  • Mahailla Emele - Region 3 Vice President
  • Sebastian Powell - Region 4 Vice President
  • Kenya Morales - Region 5 & 6 Vice President
  • Rodrigo Romero - Secretary
  • Cameron Williams - Reporter/Historian

2016 - 2017 HOSA State Officers

  • Elisabeth Stephens - President
  • Ara Omatowa - President-Elect
  • Kamryn Austin - Region 1 & 2 Vice President
  • Sara Bailey - Region 3 Vice President
  • Alisia Sanchez - Region 4 Vice President
  • Ashleigh Johnson - Region 5 & 6 Vice President
  • Brittney Garrett - Secretary
  • Mhari Mills - Reporter/Historian

2015 - 2016 HOSA State Officers

  • Tianna Leitch - President
  • Kelsey Craig - Region 1 & 2 Vice President
  • Nikhil Nair - Region 3 Vice President
  • Nicole Macaluso - Region 4 Vice President
  • Ethan Aldon Tall - Region 5 & 6 Vice President
  • Kaitlyn Perry - Secretary
  • Carson Beckham - Reporter/Historian