Idaho HOSA State Officers

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19-20 State Officers

The Idaho HOSA State Officers are elected each year by a voting delegate consisting of 2 student representatives from each affiliated Idaho HOSA chapter, in addition to an Interview Committee. Each officer candidate must give a 2-3 minute speech, then answer questions pertaining to HOSA during the delegate session held each year at the HOSA State Leadership Conference.

Meet Your 2019-2020 Idaho HOSA State Officer Team!

Olivia Swainston is a senior attending Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School. With this being her fourth year of HOSA, she hopes to go above and beyond with extending the membership and recognition of Idahosa! After high school, she hopes to graduate from Idaho State University with a degree in Biology and attend medical school at the University of Washington. Her goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon.

She encourages all HOSA members to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and reach for any leadership opportunity that presents itself!


Olivia Swainston


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Addison Burkett

Region 1 & 2 Vice President

Addison Burkett is a senior attending Nampa High School. After graduating, she will be attending basic training for the National Guard in South Carolina! Once completing that she hopes to attend college somewhere in the south. Her five year goal is to see herself attending medical school or traveling for service projects. Her end goal is to become either a pediatric surgeon or plastic reconstruction surgeon.

"If I could give a members of HOSA - Future Health Professionals any piece of advice, it would be to understand that being a great leader is not from being given power, but having the ability to empower your people and teach others how to be great leaders!"

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Autumn Morgan is going into her senior year of high school at Nampa High. This year she has signed on to take microbiology classes, as well as the second year program of dental assisting! After high school, she hopes to attend the College of Idaho to study public health, with an end goal career in epidemiology or dentistry specifically in public health. 5 years from now, Autumn hopes to be working her way through college life, have her own apartment and be on the right path to a successful career!

One tip from Autumn for running for state office would be: "Be real! Fill out the paperwork honestly, and make your speeches true to you, not how you think they want you to be. Also get close with the current state officers! Ask them questions about what the process is like; they’ve been in your shoes before and know the ropes!"


Autumn Morgan

Region 3 Vice President

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Daniela Quinatoa

Region 4 Vice President

Daniela Quinatoa is a senior at Capital High School and has been a HOSA member since her sophomore year. Dany has been interested in the medical field since 8th grade and currently aspires to become a cardiothoracic surgeon! With luck, in five years you can find her attending medical school at the University of Washington. Presently she can be found staving off senioritis and applying to universities.

For fellow HOSA members wishing to pursue state office, the advice she offers is: "Differentiate yourself and demonstrate the state officer you want to be. By standing out, you can become more appealing to the people of HOSA. Don't just make your speeches your resume, make your speeches engaging interactions that people will want to listen to. Along with that, don't be the state officer you think everyone wants you to be. Show what you want to become as a state officer and what you want to achieve in that position. And finally, HOSA state officer isn't just something to put on your resume. Please handle HOSA with care!"

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Halle Torgerson is a senior at Hillcrest High School. After graduation, Halle plans to attend college and then continue on to medical school. Her five-year goal is to be enrolled in medical school and to visit her past host family in Stuttgart, Germany.

One piece of advice from Halle would be: “Compete in events that you are truly interested in because you will be much more successful!”


Halle Torgerson

Region 5 & 6 Vice President

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Cole Lancaster

Postsecondary Vice President

Cole Lancaster is currently a Freshman at the College of Southern Idaho, in Twin Falls, with a major of nursing and a minor of Spanish! He is from Mountain Home, and that is where his love for HOSA truly began. This year marks his fourth year of involvement with HOSA and in the past, he has competed in Health Career Display, Medical Terminology, Barbara James Service Award, and Community Awareness. In the next five years, he plans on having a career in nursing with his BSN in Nursing. He potentially wants to work in behavior health afterwards, but only time will tell!

One saying that kept Cole going through high school and the beginning of college is: "You have to go through the stress, in order to grow from it. In order for you to achieve your goals you have to go through the stress of them. Stress is inevitable in humans, but it is your choice what you do with it in your life."

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Past State Officers

2018 - 2019 HOSA State Officers

  • Levi Zanders - President
  • Samantha Quantie - President-Elect
  • Cole Lancaster - Region 1 & 2 Vice President
  • Isabel Juarez - Region 3 Vice President
  • Hisham Salhi - Region 4 Vice President
  • Allison Kurtin - Region 5 & 6 Vice President
  • Jack Sherlock - Postsecondary Vice President

2017 - 2018 HOSA State Officers

  • Ara Omotowa - President
  • Levi Zanders - President-Elect
  • Lacey Kludt - Region 1 & 2 Vice President
  • Mahailla Emele - Region 3 Vice President
  • Sebastian Powell - Region 4 Vice President
  • Kenya Morales - Region 5 & 6 Vice President
  • Rodrigo Romero - Secretary
  • Cameron Williams - Reporter/Historian

2016 - 2017 HOSA State Officers

  • Elisabeth Stephens - President
  • Ara Omatowa - President-Elect
  • Kamryn Austin - Region 1 & 2 Vice President
  • Sara Bailey - Region 3 Vice President
  • Alisia Sanchez - Region 4 Vice President
  • Ashleigh Johnson - Region 5 & 6 Vice President
  • Brittney Garrett - Secretary
  • Mhari Mills - Reporter/Historian

2015 - 2016 HOSA State Officers

  • Tianna Leitch - President
  • Kelsey Craig - Region 1 & 2 Vice President
  • Nikhil Nair - Region 3 Vice President
  • Nicole Macaluso - Region 4 Vice President
  • Ethan Aldon Tall - Region 5 & 6 Vice President
  • Kaitlyn Perry - Secretary
  • Carson Beckham - Reporter/Historian