Joint Student Leadership Conference

JSL is designed to prepare the new State Officer teams from all seven CTSOs to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of their elected positions and to provide them with lifelong leadership skills!

Effective Communication


Team Building


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Y Camp
Y Camp Cabins

Y Camp at Horsethief Reservoir - Cascade

We structure JSL to be similar to a "Summer Camp" setting, which is meant to breakaway from the typical conference environment like many others we hold during the year.

This type of layout has been well received by the State Officers for the past two years, and has allowed them to interact with the officers from both their own team, along with their fellow CTSOs! We provide time for each team to work intimately with one another, as well as participate in group "camptivities"  provided by the camp with other officer teams, such as zip-lining, obstacle courses, and waterfront sports!

The State Officers begin planning for the year during JSL, and the outdoor setting of the Y Camp helps get their creative juices flowing!

JSL 2019 Feedback:

"This retreat gave me SO many ideas for upcoming conferences and Basic as well as showed me how to exhibit proper traits of a leader."

The retreat form gave a safe and exciting feel for all of us. Not only was the scenery breathtaking, the activities that we did let us make so many bonding experiences!

"It helped me believe in myself and showed me that to be a leader, you also must also follow."

"JSL taught me that being self aware is the first step in being an effective leader, and it taught me how to positively interact with others and build them up!"